“If only I had listened closely or written it down.”

How often have we heard this comment after a loved one has passed on. Everyone has an interesting personal history to tell.

It is so important to be recorded for the immediate family and the grandchildren in the years to come. Capture those histories while you can.

Video has the added benefit in that you can see how a person looks and speaks. Interviews are done with sensitivity and discretion and with the object of providing a priceless item of family history.

The videos are taken using a high  quality digital video camera and edited using a digital editing suite. Up to 10 family photos can be added.

The project is presented in a lovely case with a photo on the case and can be either on DVD or VHS. It would make an ideal gift from the family for a special birthday or wedding anniversary.


His early school years were spent in London during the Blitz. “One day the school was closed because there was an unexploded bomb under the passageway”.


When her husband courted her their main form of transport was a horse and gig.


“I was born at home under a mulberry tree down by the creek”.